Challenge To Change.

“How are you going to change the world if you can’t change yourself”

There are many variations of the paraphrased quote above. Many famous minds from Gandhi to Notorious BIG have passed that down that message in different forms. Today as i woke up reading my previous blog about changing the world, this quote came to mind. I know sometimes i get excited about things and immediately put my self at the finish line without thinking about the work needed to get there but today i’m hoping to change that.

What i’m trying to say is that i need to change my self before thinking about doing anything else. So i decided the best way to do that is to create a 40 day challenge for my self. In my first blog i wrote about the previous challenge i had accomplished, they were so successful that i was actually able to quit smoking cigarettes. Well those challenges consisted of me depriving my self of what i thought were bad habits. This time around i am going to try something new. Instead of eliminating something from my life i will add on good habits and stick to them for 40 days. Now you may think that’s not so hard to do and you’re right it may not be for some people. But there are people out there including myself that would have trouble sticking to a gym regiment or a healthy diet e.t.c.

When i started this blog i didn’t plan for this challenge but i think this will be something great. I will document every day part of my process. Now i know i haven’t mentioned exactly what i will doing for the next 40 days but that is only because i am in the planning process of the things i will be adding on to my list. Later on the day after finalizing my list i will post all the details. If there is anyone out there reading this and would like to join me on this journey please leave me a comment and we can discuss this. In short i am planning on adding habits that will benefit my Mind, Body and Soul. For the mind i plan on things like meditation, nutrition, reading e.t.c. For the body i will be focusing on exercise, nutrition, activities and since the soul part is tricky, i will doing more research to come up with something good. If you have any suggestions i would appreciate it. Im feeling very excited about this and will be jumping into the planning and research asap. Thanks for reading!



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