Don’t change the world, change their minds in how to perceive it.

I can’t say all but some of us dream of changing the world. Maybe it’s this conflicting code imbedded into our DNA that makes it impossible to  stop trying this almost impossible feat. Whatever it is or where ever that feeling is derived from, it has been part of me for as long a i can remember (Maybe it’s from watching too many movies and relating to the character that save the world…but that’s for another post ). Anyway, the more i tried to analyze where this desire of bringing change came from, the more i realized that this wish was coming from a selfish place. Deep down i want to be immortal in a sense of making my name and history outlast generations. Of course i want to make this planet a better place and help out as many people as i can during the process, but buried deep down i know i want to help so i can satisfy this grandiose need of immortality. I hope throughout my journey towards accomplishing this goal my perspective will change but as of now i can admit that i am being selfish. Don’t let that arrogant (hoping it came out as confident) sentence fool you though, i am not close to achieving anything i had set out to do. But for this blogs sake, let’s say today i am declaring my commitment to actualizing this slightly ignored dream of mine.

So, to who ever you are that made it this far into the blog… Know this, you are not alone in wanting to bring change. We were made for this and i ask you to repeat with me (the words of the guy responsible for creating this sleek device i am typing on.)

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe.”




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